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Pro Web API Security is divided into fifteen chapters. Although of application/pdf, application/json is sent in the request, Free Download Pro Web API Security: Securing Web API ( Expert s Voice Kindle ready Download here. Web API is a key part of MVC 4 and the platform of choice for building Pro Web API Security. Securing Web API. Authors: DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices.

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Pro Web Api Security Pdf

Scenarios in Which Web API Shines. 6. A Primer on Security. 8. Summary. Chapter 2: Building RESTful Services. What Is a RESTful Service?. Windows/.NET security. – mobile app security. • Microsoft MVP for Developer Security. • Web API Advisor. • [email protected] Contribute to tuangh/Ebooks development by creating an account on GitHub.

Physical books about everything ASP. These books cover ASP. It contains detailed explanations of the Core MVC functionality which enables developers to produce leaner, cloud optimized and mobile-ready applications. This book is the definitive guide to practical software development with Microsoft's exciting new ASP. NET Core technologies. NET Core in Action opens up the world of cross-platform web development with. You'll start with a crash course in. NET and Windows. In this book, you will learn ASP. NET Core 2.

Fortunately, ASP. These SOAP-less security techniques are the focus of this book. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

Free Preview. It has become the platform of choice for building RESTful services. Securing ASP. The evaluation, selection and analysis of these new techniques is the focus of this book.

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Future coders welcome. For years, it has been possible to debug both the backend. Microsoft has put its foot forward with a new Web Assembly based framework called Blazor that combines Razor templates with C code to provide a rich. Over Christmas, I had a bit of spare time, so I decided to add some functionality to this site. Or election campaign tours. Net team has launched an experimental web UI framework, called Blazor, that runs. For a long time, it has been running on many heavily loaded Russian sites including Yandex, Mail.

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Pro ASP.NET Web API Security

From there, head to the next nearest city. NET provides a built-in user database with support for multi-factor authentication and external authentication with Google, Twitter, and more. The Microsoft Developer Newsletter delivers critical developer news to you in one information-dense, compact newsletter.

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Pro ASP.NET Web API Security

Xamarin for the Xamarin side. In your case, you mentioned that the customer has a license for using Google API. NET development for the Web, stating "the end of the experiment is in sight.

It is very similar to ASP. There's a section called Shadows. NET based front end experience. Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. This ebook is part of our premier ebook collection.

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On the general page, you can select the date format, add Google Maps API key, or delete data when you uninstall the plugin. But they will never be enough, for this reason, Popper. Hopefully this blog post will help. Forms developer for over 4 years now I still am , I feel as though I have a good grasp on the good and the bad.

Forms is a one of the most loved and simultaneously most dreaded frameworks to work with [1]. Ru, VK, and Rambler. See pictures and videos, join forum discussions at OregonLive. Programming, Web Development, and DevOps news, tutorials and tools for beginners to experts. The flip side of reusable components, open source or not, is that they result in a black box syndrome: Things just work and continue to work until the time they stop working. Also, if a reusable component provides options, a developer must know the different choice available as well as the advantages and disadvantages of those choices to make a knowledgeable decision on the methods to be employed for the security requirements at hand.

OAuth 2. There are pros and cons with every option, and there is no onesize-fits-all solution available for securing a web API. This is where this book comes in and presents to you the various options available for securing ASP. Whether you roll your own security mechanism or use a reusable component in the form of a library or a framework, you will be able to make informed decisions by learning the underpinnings of the mechanisms and the implications of the choices you make.

However, this book does not give you any ready-made, penetration-tested code to copy and paste straight into your production implementation. It does not give you fish, but instead teaches you to catch fish. Using this book, you can gain a solid understanding of the security techniques relevant to ASP. All the underlying concepts are introduced from basic principles and developed to the point where you can use them confidently, knowing what you are doing.

Pro Web API Security - Securing Web API | Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan | Apress

If you want to get you hands on proven, production-strength code, there are a couple of excellent open-source resources: Thinktecture. Although it is not divided into parts the chapters do tend to fall together into several related groups.

The first three chapters constitute one such group that pertains to the core ASP. Chapter 4 is a stand-alone chapte on HTTP. Chapters 5, 6, and 7 form a group on. Chapter 8 is a stand-alone chapter on knowledge-factor security, and Chapters 9 and 10 are related to ownership factors.

Chapters 11, 12, and 13 form the OAuth 2. Chapter 14 is a stand-alone chapter on two-factor authentication. The way the chapters are organized in this book takes into account the dependencies one chapter mig have on another.

If you are confident, you can feel free to skip chapters, but trying to read the chapter on SWT without understanding the basics of digital signing will likely not be very productive. Similarly, trying to implement implicit grant flow without understanding the implications of sameorigin policy and the related CORS will be a challenging experience. For this reason, the best way to derive the maximum benefit from this book is to read the chapters sequentially, starting with Chapter 1 and skimming any text that you are already familiar with.

We complete the chapter with a primer on security that looks at all aspects of security, above and beyond a login screen accepting a username and password, which for many peopl is the meaning of the word security. This chapter introduces you to Roy T. This chapter focuses on understanding the web API extensibility points such as filters and message handlers from the point of view of leveraging the sam for securing ASP.

It also highlights the trade-offs associated with selecting the web API extensibility point of a message handler over the ASP.

For this reason, understanding HTTP is all the more important: A house is only as strong as its foundation! Chapter 5: Identity Management Identity management is an important aspect of application security. In this chapter, we focus on how subject or an entity gets authenticated and how the actions an entity attempts to perform are authorized by an application in the context of the.

This chapter introduces you to th interfaces IIdentity and IPrincipal that form the basis of role-based access control RBAC and compares it with the more flexible and granular claims-based access control CBAC , which is built based on the claims. This chapter covers encryption and decryption and signing and validation using symmetric keys and asymmetric keys: public private keys generated using RSACryptoServiceProvider as well as a selfsigned certificate generated using the Makecert tool.

WIF allows you to build your own custom STS, although it is highly recommended that you download one instead of building one.

This chapter explores th knowledge-factor authentication mechanisms that can be used to secure ASP.

Login credentials of a user ID and password combination is probably the most widely used knowledge facto and this chapter focuses on the mechanisms leveraging this factor: the two authentication schemes defined in HTTP specification, namely basic and digest authentication, and the Windows-OS-powere Integrated Windows Authentication IWA , more commonly known as Windows Authentication. Chapter 9: Ownership Factors An ownership factor is something a user owns or possesses, such as a key, a certificate, or a token.

This chapter examines ownership-factor authentication mechanisms for securing ASP. Chapter Web Tokens This chapter is an extension of the previous chapter on ownership-factor security, for web tokens are ownership factors just like SAML tokens.

However, web tokens deserve a chapter of their own because they are a better fit for RESTful services. Chapter OAuth 2. We start our exploration of OAuth 2. We review the four types of grants and take a detailed look at implicit and authorization code-based grants using Microsoft Live Connect API.

Implementation is performed from scratch using two ASP. Chapter Two-Factor Authentication When you have an authentication mechanism that leverages a combination of two of the knowledge, ownership, and inherence factors, it is called two-factor authentication TFA or 2FA. This chapter covers TFA by leveraging the knowledge factor of a password, the ownership factor of an X.

Chapter Security Vulnerabilities This chapter looks at important and potential security risks or vulnerabilities, points of interest pertaining to ASP. The coverage includes the top risks, per OWASP , as well as best practices such as logging and validation. Appendix: ASP. Because there is no good or bad mechanism in an absolute sense, the idea of this book is to present you with all the mechanisms and let you decide based on your needs.

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